Error access Outsystems Now

Hello all,
I need access to the server of the company through Outsystems Now, but I don't have success. I already use Outsystems Now in my account, but in company I trying access of the outsystems now and return the next error: "There was an error trying to connect to the provided environment, please try again". I did find this error in other discussion, I following all steps but can't access.
It is necessary any configuration in the server??
Best Regards,
Marinho Pereira
The OutSystems Now mobile application talks with the OutSystems Now application on the server through HTTPS.

Do you have the OutSystems Now application deployed on your server? If so, do you have a valid HTTPS certificate?
Thank you so much Ricardo Silva.
I didn't have a HTTPS certificate. After create the certificate Outsystems Now I can connect with success.
Best regards,
Marinho Pereira

I'am also try to test this. I did create and installed a certificate.
I also deployed the Outsystems Now application on the server.

I can access servicecenter by https after accepting the self-signed certificate.

Am i still missing something?