[Google Spreadsheets API with OAuth 2.0] Authentication problem

[Google Spreadsheets API with OAuth 2.0] Authentication problem

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Published on 2014-08-18 by Olivier
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Published on 2014-08-18 by Olivier
Hello is anyone facing an error with this component when trying to authenticate?
I get an error saying: "Unable to get an authentication token to Google Spreadsheet after 3 tries: Execution of authentication request returned unexpected result: 404"
After a little bit of research I found this: https://developers.google.com/google-apps/spreadsheets/authorize (see the blue box)
?The component said that it uses oAuth2, but doesn't seem...

Can someone help?
- got the right api-key?
I know google-api has a free key, but works only for so many request per day/month.
- does it point to the right urls? (404 is file not found, so redirect is not finding (firewall?) )


Indeed, it's not working anymore, as it is using OAuth 1.0.
I had hired a freelancer to implement the upgrade OAuth 2.0, but I now learned that upgrade wasn't correctly implemented :(

I think one solution can be using the Google Drive connector, and adding to it the Sheet functionalities.
But I don't know how to do it, since the Google Drive connector uses the REST API and Google doesn't have (for the time being) REST interface for the Sheet API.

Does anyone knows how to do it?

Regards, Olivier
I get the same authentication error, but I see no place to enter the API key. 
Hi Bill

The whole code needs to be redone to be OAtuh 2.0 compatible. I'm still looking for a volunteer to do it :)

Regards, Olivier