My service studio crashed.  Now when I open it and try and load the application I was working on it hangs Service Studio. 

Not sure how to recover so I can continue working on the application.  I can load other applications into the studio without an issue so I know it is just this one.  However I don't want to recreate it. 

Hi Jay,

What version of Service Studio do you use? Iirc, there was a bug in a recent version that could cause this. I'd advise you to contact OutSystems support, and send the eSpace along. They should be able to recover it.
Thanks Killan

I am running verion 9.0 of service studio.  Will contact Outsystems and submit the espace.


I did some more research since I am a newbie to outsystems still.  I opened service studio and loaded a version from an hour prior to my changes and I am back and runnning now.  I was able to quickly recreate my updates so I should be good.

Your assistance is much apprecaited.  I just didn't understand how to open an older version in studio,

Thanks again. 

Good to hear the problem is already solved. Note that Service Studio version numbers have four digits. If you're not on, I'd advise you to upgrade asap.
Ok I will validate and upgrade.  I am a newbie but have been upgrading when I get prompted on opening the studio so I think I am running the latest but will check.

Thanks again great user community here eveyone is very helpful yourself included. 
For some reason, we didn't get notified by Service Studio when was released, so you might have to check manually.