choose columns at runtime for export to excel

choose columns at runtime for export to excel

Is there a way to allow the user at runtime to select which columns they want to export to excel from a table?  Using the built in record list to excel it looks like you can only choose the columns at development time vs run time.
That is the case.

Use forge-components to have what you want to achieve.


When I first started I did do a search in the forge for "excel" and it came up blank.  Are there any that you suggest?
I just did a search in the Forge and it returned 13 components of varying usefulness for your application.  It would be difficult to recommend any without trying them and I cannot do that at the moment.

Hope this helps,
wow, I swear I went to forge and searched for excel and nothing came back.  Just went there and searched and yes, got quite a few returns.  Doh! 
glitch in the matrix ;)