HTMLTPdf converter not working

HTMLTPdf converter not working

Hi ,
I want to convert html to pdf, i have serach on internet for the same and found HTMLTOPdfConverter.
But when i run this demo it download pdf with no data. So I againg seach on internet and found one post having small Demo for the sam.
Please find attached for the demo.

But when I run this demo it still giving me same problem that I faced previosly.

Pleaes help and let me know if I am missing anything.
Hi Tejas,
As i understood you manage to cretae the pdf but it comes with 0kb (no data on it).
Did you intall the dll's files? Check This Thread
Also you have this component in the forge that will help you out with it.

Hope it helps

Hi Andrew,

I have the same problem as Tejas, but I installed the HtmlToPdf from forge as you indicate in the second link. I read the 'This Thread' link, and I would like to known if installing from forge, the required files listed there are not installed with the application. I think that the thread explanation is a bit complicated for me.