RichWidgets & FontAwesome Update Problems

RichWidgets & FontAwesome Update Problems


I'm using Platform Server and RichWidgets is already using Font Awesome v4.2.0 for the Icon Widget, but the IconName static entity is not updated and does not have all the icon names available for this version.

For instance, the icons 'file-pdf-o' or 'file-word-o' are included in the Theme.FontAwesome.css but they don't have a corresponding record in the IconName static entity.

Can you please update this entity in the next build?
You could also include Font Awesome v4.3.0 which has 40 new icons. 

Shouldn't the Icon Widget be in SilkUI Framework for faster updates independent from the platform itself?

And what about Glyphicons, will Outsystems include them in a near version?

Hi Carlos,

The new icons were not added (actually they were added and we had to revert that change) because since the entity is referenced by default in new modules it would cause broken references when the server version is not the same as the Development Environment.
It was also causing issues with the version compatibility of Forge components.

So the new icons are scheduled to be added in the next major version.

As for the Glyphicons, I checked the license for it and it would require a link back we can't include it like we do with Font Awsome.

João Rosado
With SilkUI the best solution for the Icon Widget is to include it in this framework. This way we have faster updates and don't need to wait for the next major version.

Font Awesome is contantly being updated, and the new icons are always great and usefull.
If Outsystems can't keep up with the Font Awesome updates there is no much sense in using the RichWidgets widget, and this lead us to create our own widget. 

Since the static entity only has the names of the icons until v4.1 but your are using the CSS of v4.2.0, if I need to use a widget from v.4.2 I can do it with HTML. It's not pretty (for Outsystems standards), but works. But if I wan't one of the 40 new icons from v4.3 them I must reference another CSS :/ 

You can still use the new icons, just not the static entity. Use TextToEntityRefText("fa-bed") for instance.
I can get the fa-bed icon from v4.3, when wil the 4.4 library be available?
Hi Matthias,

There's a component on the forge that already includes font awesome 4.4. Regarding the product itself I don't know timings...