OutSystems Platform SysAdmin Quick Guide - discussion page

OutSystems Platform SysAdmin Quick Guide - discussion page

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Hi all

In the beginning of June I published this document and since then I already received some informal feedback on things that could be better - including the name of the document itself.

So I decided to create this forum thread so everyone can contribute! Please bring ideas for content to be included, or requests for content that you don't know exists (or maybe it does not exist and someone will create it...).

Let's hear the ideas flow! :-)

Thank you all!

Hi Acácio,

Depending on the scope being narrow or wide, some possible additions to that guide, are these 4 documents: You know them better than me ;)
Good chance to request content. Anyone noticed? I will think about it - I don't want to waste my wish...


Hi guys

With the launch of the Knowledge Base I decided to promote this content there.
Note that, even though it's an online read-through content, you can still export as PDF if you wish to share or save or offline read: