Group By clause In Outsystem 9

Hi  I   am using Group By clause  in aggregate  qury  in Outsystem 9     in Prepartion 
i used  and is showing  result  by Group  but   am not able  to display   all  record  in grid  its shwoing only  Groupby ID ,  how  we can    Show  all columns  please  suggest.

i have attached  Screenshot.
i  Have  attached  screenshot   
Well, you can't display columns that are not in the Group By and aren't an aggregator function (SUM, COUNT, MIN, MAX).

I guess this limitation is not obvious if you don't have in mind that an aggregate is just a visual way of executing SQL and in SQL all selected columns must be present in the Group By clause or result from an aggregatior function.

For your requirement, you'll probably have to use an Advanced Query and do a subquery.