Make a Module (front-end) to point another


I'm creating a web application that will replace another one, after that we would like to make all URL that point the previous one to show one message information the user about the change. What would be the best way to do this?

Thank you in advance,
Hi Ricardo,

You can use SEO URLs to implement Redirect Rules, if you have it licensed.
Do you really need to show a message? What is your main goal with that message info?
Hi Tiago,

Thank you very much for your reply.

The idea of the message is to inform the user that one portal has been replaced by the new one.

As we don't have much web screen on the old one we will add some logic to present that message.

Just by curiosity, how can I use the SEO URLs? It's a Outsystems options or you are talking about doing it directly on the Web server?


Since you don't have that many web screens on the old portal, maybe you could do a redirect in the preparation of those screens - having a External Site widget instead of End, and use just a info Feedback Message.

The SEO URLs I was mentioning is a feature of Service Center (under Administration), may be available or not for you, depends on the license.

Depending on your case, if your urls are crawled by search engines, you may need to handle the way those url redirects will be treated by search engines.
Thank you for the tips Tiago!