Record and entities

Having a database entity called Person, what is the difference between the types "Person" and "Person Record" ?
I have noticed that both types can be passed as argument in the create and update database functions, and I am a bit confused.

Thanks in advance.

Joao Pinto
Hi Joao,

They are both compound data types and in that scenario they are the same.
When you create Person Entity/Structure, "Person" data type is also created with all attributes of that Entity/Structure.
You have created a Record that contains only "Person", so a "Person Record", being the same as your Entity/Structure data type.
However, with Record you can add more data types to it, which you haven't in this use case. You could have "Person, Dog, Cat Record" and OutSystems Platform is clever enough to see in the Entity Action (Create/Update) that if you use "Person, Dog, Cat Record" you really want to use that "Person" data type part (when I say clever, I mean it gives you as Source suggestion: Record.Person).

I hope I didn't make it even more confusing :)

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Thank you answer Tiago, you were very clear, I understand now the purpose of record.