New Compiler Error

Dear Community,

I have a module which was created based on a structure from a previous module (that is, using the same DBs, but a different structure).

After performing the readjustments, the end module cannot publish, showing a compiler error (which was submitted, 09-06-2015, 19:00 GMT+1:

Internal Error
Compilation Error.
DadosMestre.aspx.cs(136,24): error CS0315: The type 'int' cannot be used as type parameter 'T' in the generic type or method 'OutSystems.HubEdition.RuntimePlatform.Db.GenericRecordList<T>'. There is no boxing conversion from 'int' to 'OutSystems.HubEdition.RuntimePlatform.Db.ITypedRecord<int>'.
bin\OutSystems.HubEdition.RuntimePlatform.dll: (Location of symbol related to previous error)
c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\mscorlib.dll: (Location of symbol related to previous error)
State: Second stage compilation
Is it possible that somebody help me?

I am completely stuck and unable to move on because of this error.
Hi Francis,

First, these kinds of errors should be reported to OutSystems support, but if you really want to post them in this forum, use the "Technology & Integration" thread. Secondly, you're error is a known platform issue, which is caused by creating an Action that has an output parameter that is a List of a simple type (Integer, Text, etc.). OutSystems support has confirmed that this issue will be solved and the solution released on the next platform release on the 3rd of July.

As a workaround, you may create a Record with a single attribute of type Integer, and have a list of that as output.
Thank you for your reply. I will register the mentioned information. Not having found the solution (nor read the protocol for how to have questions answered) i posted the question here.

Have a nice day.
Hi Francis,

I checked your submit and the problem is related to the DelFileIdList local variable in the DadosMestre screen.
I'm not sure if it's the same issue that Killian mentioned (the error stack is pretty generic and can match multiple things), but I'll ask for your issue to be rechecked with that fix.

As for a workaround, as was able to publish your eSpace by chaging the DelFileIdList variable type to "Integer List", and then in the usage that gets an error in the TrueChange tab change


João Rosado

Once again, thank you very much for your help :)