non standard table to excel

I have a table I have made which is not a straight representation of a record list but has a few web blocks in cells which create lists within a single cell etc.  If I click and drag on the webpage and then paste it into excel, it does work.  However, the built in excel funtion in OutSystems will only let you take a record list and export to excel.  Is there a way to take a table as it is displayed (instead of a record list) and export it to excel?
Hi Jason,

I don't know if I understood. If you want the table as it is displayed you can export just what is displayed. You are changing what is displayed by using filters and ordering, so you can use that query refreshed output.
Is it like that? Is it because you have several lists you want to export at the same time to a single excel file?

Below is a screen shot of the table I am talking about.  The table has 2 columns.  I run an aggregate which fills in the far left column of the table.  The the right column is a web block which takes in information from the aggregate data for the row, and provides budget information.  So there is no "table" that I can point export to excel to get exactly what is displayed in this table.  However, if I click and drag over the table and then paste it into excel (with source formatting selected when I do the paste) it looks in excel just like it looks in the screen cap below.  If there is a way to tell OutSystems to take whatever is in the table as displayed and send that to excel, then that is exactly what I want to do.  However, with the existing export to excel if I tell it to take the output of the aggregate, I would not get any of the information displayed in the right column as that is what is being spit out of a web block per row. 

Does that explain it better?  If not I have webex available and I could show you it in my code, we would just need to schedule a time.  Also thank you for any help!

For that sort of use case, instead of the normal export to excel, you can create a new webscreen (B) with exactly what you want to pass to the excel and in your initial screen (A) - your image above - have an action to be invoked by a button/link that will basically output your screen B as binary to an excel file download.

Your screen B will get the arguments from this screen A action. Something like this:


First off, thank you for your help!  Secondly, I am starting this morning on working on recreating what you did above.  Could you please post an espace with the above that I could import to see exactly what you are doing within the assigns?

I cleaned it up as much as possible, but you can see how it works. The main is getting the action I called "PrintEXCEL", define the parameters/arguments and entry point for your screen B.
That assign "assign stylesheet" is a workaround because it was passing the stylesheet of screenA to screenB header. There is some info about this in the forum.

This will probably get you going.


Thank you!  Will be looking over this.