Outsystems Web Application - Front End Design Needed

My organization is looking for a developer with CSS, Jquery and Outsystems experience to do some contracting work for customization of the overall look and feel of our application.

The functionality of the application is already in place, and for the most part we really only need the design customized for a single page of our application. The application has a single dashboard where the majority of interactions and transactions for end users take place.

The dashboard integrates different user functions into web blocks which the user can move around the page depending on their preference.

Experience with jquery scripts which make use of customization of tables (expanding columns, hiding columns, searching etc) would be a great help as well, as some of our users do extensive work generating reports.

It would also be a plus if you have experience working with the FullCalendar suite. We are currently running on an older version (FullCalendar v1.6.4 - loading database calendar events into it via a json dump) and would like to upgrade to the latest version and also integrate it with Google Calendar.
Application homepage:
http://sums.gatech.edu (The dashboard we are most concerned with is for logged-in users only)
Styling guidelines/requirements:
Full Calendar:

All implementations will need to be acessable via pc, tablet, or mobile browsers. 

Interested parties should email Jason.Herrington@ien.gatech.edu with a quote and any past work examples you may share. Please title the subject Outsystems Page Design Quote.
Also, please include in the quote the estimated time for the work plus include 10 extra hours for implementation and explination of said work. Extensive documentation is a huge plus.