Lable "for" property not working for Radio button

Im trying to assigin ceckbox id to a lable in its "For" extended property.however when i do that i get below source.It writes 2" for" property.One with blank value and other with id.How do i fix this?

<label class=' ThemeGrid_Width2 ThemeGrid_MarginGutter' style='' for='' id='RichWidgets_wt1_block_wtMainContent_wtTest1' name='RichWidgets_wt1$block$wtMainContent$wtTest1' for='RichWidgets_wt1_block_wtMainContent_wtRadio1' >Test</label>
Hi priyanka,

You are getting two "for" attributes because the platform is already setting it by default. You don't need to use the extended properties - instead, use the "Input Widget" property of your label widget.
There you will get a list of available widgets to associate with your label. To see your radio button in that list you will have to give a "Name" in the properties of that radio button widget.
Tried that as well,
Still the for property has blank value.
That isn't the normal behavior. How many radio buttons do you have? Are you using a Validation Parent?
By the way, what versions are you using? (Service Studio and Platform)
I'm using version 9.0.6.
Im using only 2 radio buttons ,but i intend to use more.
I have attached my application OML if this helps.

I just published and opened your oml and it worked fine (see image below). Even if I use "for" in Extended Properties (like you have) it just shows one "for" when published.
I used Platform Server and Service Studio

Maybe that's something that has been fixed?