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Published on 09 Mar 2020
#1 - The Search widget if its placed inside the Title placeholder of the SectionExpandable widget. the search icon becames bigger than normal:

#2 - We should be able to set the top margin of the ButtonsArea widget

#3 - Please, rename the class "button" from the CSS:

".calendarPattern thead .button"

Having a button class creates a annoying behavior in Service Studio when we want to add the Button class to a link widget. I try to write "Button" but then Service Studio autocomplete to "button" which is an existing class but different from the one I really want (Button).

#4 - The Post Widget should have some format options for the PostDate. If I always want the date and time, just the date, etc.

#5 - Can we have a widget for the file upload, that could override the ugly look of the default one?

#6 - In my opinion, the Label class shouldn't have the 10px left margin. With this margin I can't have things aligned in a ShowRecord or other widgets.

#7 - The disabled links with the Button class shouldn't have the "hover" effect.

#8 - SectionExpandable widget: option to expand only with a click in the expand icon and not the entire title placeholder. When I add an input to the title of the SectionExpandable, the section expands when I click the input to set focus.

#9 ButtonGroup2 widget has a layout problem in Service Studio. The radio button text is placed over the radio button widget:

# 10 - The Ballon widget needs a placement option like the Info Widget and like the original popover.js from Bootstrap. This is a good replacement for the Popup_InfoBallon, but like this widget most of the time I want to show it at the right of the element.
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Awesome feedback, keep it up :)

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Hello Carlos,

Once again, Thanks for the awesome feedback.
We will analise and add it to our backlog.

Best regards,
Samuel Jesus
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Hello Carlos,

Looking into your feedback, we can already give you some answers/hints:

#8 - Regarding the Input on the title of a section expandable, with some javascrpt code you can actually prevent the propagation of the click on the input, in order to have the desired behaviour:


#9 - In this case, and since the radio buttons actually are not visible on your browser, the idea was to give the radiobutton some transparency so that you can still select it but at the same time show that it will not be show up on the browser. Right now, that is the only way we have to give that ideia, but we will add that to our backlog to be further analised.

Best regards,
Samuel Jesus

Hi Samuel.

I will try the stoppropagation event.

Some more suggestions:

#11 - Please, add a Display property for the Alert widget. The alerts are basically conditional, so they should have a display property, instead of using a If widget or a container just for that.

#12 - Will we have something like the "Input groups" from bootstrap?
At least the basic, they would be great for currency values.

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We need to be able to use the Tab component with seperate containers for the tabs and the tab content.  5 Tabs isn't always enough for some of the complex application we build.  We also need to be able th print the page with all of the tabs expanded.
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Hello Rebecca,

Thanks for the feedback. We will take it in consideration.
Regarding the Tabs Pattern, If you want to increase the amount Tabs available, my suggestion is to copy the pattern to your application and add the "missing" Tabs.

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus

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We can copy and make our own widget but then we don't get updates if there are any. 
One more bug:

#13 - The IconDropdown widget, when placed inside a TableRecords widget, the dropdown menu is cut in the last 2 lines:

The menu is open in the last line, but its behind the table.

@Samuel, when are you going to release a new version of SilkUI Framework and the themes with some fixes? I'm still waiting for the fix for the problem with the submenus and the small desktops\tablets.
I'm finishing the conversion of a client theme to Dublin\SilkUI and want to send it to QA\PROD as soon as possible, but there are many bugs that need to be fixed before that.
The last version of SilkUI (1.0.4) was published 3 weeks ago. We need a faster response from Outsystems, at least for bug fixing.
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Hello Carlos,
We are aiming to release a new release of SilkUI in July. That release will fix some of the issues that you have reported.
Please keep the feedback comming.
Samuel Jesus
Hi Samuel,

July? Sorry, but that is unacceptable.
The problem with the Dublin menu in tablet\small desktop mode is a critical one, and is known problem since the release of v1.0.4, 3 weeks ago. We can't wait 2 or 3 more weeks for it to be fixed\released.

SilkUI is not in Beta anymore, was released to public and is marked as stable (which is not), and critical bugs\problems must be fixed and released as soon as possible.
I have a big application almost fully upgraded to Dublin/SilkUI, and it's a real project for a real costumer with a release schedule. I'm waiting for a fix for this problem for 3 weeks, and I can't wait more 2 or 3 weeks.
I can't deliver the application to the costumer because in small resolutions (tablets / small displays) the menu doesn't work. And I have users working with Microsoft Surface and old displays, for whom the application would be totally unusable.

The problem is even visible in SilkUI public website. I can't use it with my second monitor (low resolution) and must see it with my main monitor:

SilkUI is great, but at this moment it's very green, needs some work, and a better/faster response from Outsystems to improve it.

We can't wait too long for usability problems like the Dublin menu or the number #13 bug I have reported to be fixed.

Instead of waiting 6 or 7 weeks for a release where you deliver a build with a release note of 50 problems fixed, I prefer a weekly build with the 2 or 3 major problems fixed and gradual improvements. That way we have something to work with.

This way, it's neither Agile or RAD!
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Can you update the number of tabs in the Navigation > Tabs to, let's say, 10 tabs? We are currently unable to use the default SilkUi template, because it could only show 5 tabs and we need more.

As a quick fix we can modify this ourselves, but we would like this to be included by OS in order for us to keep on upgrading when new versions are released.
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Hello Carlos,
Silk UI is a community-supported component and therefore does not fall under standard Support terms and services of OutSystems Platform.
Having said that, we do want you to have the best experience possible and a lot should be working out of box, specially menus :)
We might have dropped the ball on this one, and we're going to fix it and also ensure it does not happen again. We have thousand of tests and keep evolving them.
We're aiming at providing a patch on monday to solve this menu issue.
Best regards,
Samuel Jesus
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Hello Remco,
For now we do not intend to change the Tabs pattern, but we will keep your feedback in consideration for the next time we review it.
Samuel Jesus
Another bug similar to the number #13:

#14 - If a ComboBox with the Select2 Widget is placed inside a popup (with LayoutPopup from SilkUI), the ComboBox options are displayed under the popup:

The same ComboBox without the Select2 Widget displays ok.

@Samuel: do you have any suggestion for this problem and number #13 until a new version of SIlkUI is released?
This 2 are the most critical problems I have at the moment.
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Some issues I encountered on the tiles (with liverpool as base)

A visual bug I encountered.
TileNumber, vertical alignment of 2 tilenumbers, 1 with info, 1 without is wrong.
It should be aligned correctly, see screenshot (I added black lines to see it better)
Funny thing is, tbh, I expected because it's a bug, the left one would be lower because of the extra information-icon :)

Resizing browser with TileNumber don't resize well, the other do resize much better

When linking tiles to screens, there is no hover-style.
which is kinda annoying

and a question, it it possible to select custom colors?

Regarding my problem number #13, the CSS causing that behavior is this one from the Dublin Theme:

.TableRecords { overflow: hidden; }

I've changed this value to 'auto' and now the IconDropDown menu shows properly.

I also fixed the number #8 problem, running this jquery script:

 $( ".SectionExpandable_header input, .SectionExpandable_header a, .SectionExpandable_header label" ).click(function( event ) { event.stopPropagation(); });

But the Widget itself could have this, or this could be set by a widget property.

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A couple more feedback

- It seems that not all of the styling is updated when you use the theme builder.  Our company colors are blue, but I'm still seeing a lot of components that are still green (based on Tokyo theme)
- We need to be able to disable the "Smart Forms", the hovers seem to be confusing for our users and I haven't figured out how to turn them off yet.
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Hello Rebecca,

Can you please share a screenshot of the patterns you have identified with wrong colors?

Regarding the "Smart Forms", are you talking about the new Platform Forms released with platform 9? 
Can you also share a screenshot with us? 

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus
I'm testing SilkUI version 1.1.0 and the new Calendar widget is all messed up in my app:

- It is positioned on June 102 ?!
- Only day 30 is enabled
- After clicking the calendar it becames stuck to mouse pointer and follows it all over the page.

I only replaced the widgets "Calendar_deprecated" for the "Calendar".
I'm only setting up the InputWidgetId property. 

The stuck\drag problem is visible in the public SilkUI page, but at least there all days are enabled and not only day 30.
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Hello Carlos,

Regarding the calendar following the mouse after click, I was able to replicate.
The remaining issues, I´m trying to replicate them, but without success.
Can you replicate the issue in a new application and share the eSpace with us ?

Best regards,
Samuel Jesus

HI Samuel.

I've created a test app and the problems are the same.
Please check the attached eSpace.

The Calendar_deprecated widget works well.

Screen record:

PS: I'm using Platform Server and DE

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I don't have a test example right off and I'm on vacation for a week.  The company site I used on the theme builder was www.autoliv.com.  The components I noticed right off were the calendar and waiting/feedback components.
Hi Daniel.

Yes, we are using the date format "dd-mm-yyyy" (Portugal date format).

I've updated SilkUI to version 1.1.0 and from the 14 issues I've reported only 2 were fixed.
Many of them are improvements or requests for new widgets, but there are still some bugs to fix from v1.0.4.

In the release notes of SilkUI 1.1.0 you have: "z-index - reviewed on several patterns, based on field feedback."
But the bugs I've reported about the IconDropDown inside a TableRecord and the Select2 inside a popup are not fixed.

I'm attaching an Excel file with all the issues I've reported so far.



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Hi, Carlos. Let me thank you again for your feedback.
Here’s a status on your bugs:
#1 - Fixed in 1.1.0
#3 - We’ll look into this.
#7 - Will be fixed in next release.
#8 - That’s usually the expected behaviour of a SectionExpandable. Please provide a scenario for your report.
#13 - Fixed for next release.
#14 - This is a tricky one. We’ll look into this. But you can always work the layout to prevent the cut.
#15 - We’re looking into this.
Your remaining issues have been added to our backlog, as we do for other reports. As you probably imagine, we’d like to do everything, but we need to pick our battles. The backlog is prioritized based on number of reports/requests and impact, so eventually we'll come around to some of the improvements and requests.

We'll be more exact on the contents of the future releases.

Thanks again!
Hi Gonçalo.

Regarding the #8 issue about SectionExpandable.
When I started using SilkUI I replaced almost all the RichWidgets for SilkUI widgets. One switch was the Container_ExpandCollapse (RichWidgets) for the SectionExpandable (SilkUI).

I use the Container_ExpandCollapse to hide additional filters in a page. This way I only have visible an input and the search\clear buttons to do a simple text search. If the user needs a more advanced search, he has additional filters hidden that he can access by clicking the Container_ExpandCollapse widget.
The SectionExpandable widget is a simpler and prettier solution. I don't need 2 containers, set the display property, etc. It's just one widget with two placeholders.
After started using the SectionExpandable as a replacement to Container_ExpandCollapse I've found out that it has a big problem: it expands if I click everywhere inside the title placeholder and even if I'm clicking on other widgets.
I need it to exclue the expand event when I'm clicking on other widgets inside it. At least inputs, links, buttons, toggle buttons, ..., must be excluded.

Let me show you:


I managed to get the desired behavior following Samuel Jesus hint about jquery event.stoppropagation.
And I got this:


The fix is very simple, just a couple of jquery lines.
But, in my opinion this should be included in the widget itself. If you don't want to force this behaviour because someone else might want to keep the actual behavior, the widget could have a property to enable the StopPropagation() for a set of widgets.

This is my current fix. I'm only excluding inputs, anchors and labels:

$( ".SectionExpandable_header input, .SectionExpandable_header a, .SectionExpandable_header label" ).click(function( event ) { event.stopPropagation(); });
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Hi Carlos,

The #8 issue it's all about event bubbling, if you have an element with a click event (SectionExpandable_header), and a child element with an event click (input/a), when you click the nested element it will also trigger the parent element.
The SectionExpandable pattern was created for a simple use, with just a text heading and a content, adding the stoppropagation to those elements will fix it (that's why Samuel suggested it for your own use), however we decide not to add this to the pattern because could open the door for some future issues by other cases, releated to styles inside the header (as line-height, font-size, etc), and we don't want that, because people won't realize that's not the proper way to use the pattern.
Regardless that, we have in backlog a pattern SectionExpandableFilter that will suit your case and many others, because only the button in the right will trigger de content (and you can even put the text you want there). We hope that could be included in our next release.

Daniel Reis
Hi Daniel,

The new widget SectionExpandableFilter would be great :)
I've made a few more videos, so you can see some of the problems\bugs I've listed in the Excel:

SilkUI Issue #2 - ButtonsArea Widget

SilkUI Issue #3 - "button" CSS class

SilkUI Issue #6 - Label class

SilkUI Issue #7 - Disabled Links

SilkUI Issue #13 - IconDropdown Widget + TableRecords

SilkUI Issue #14 - Select2 Widget + Popup

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The updates for the screen overlay aren't working in IE.  It is causing the page to refresh many times and you cannot disable it.
Rank: #191
Hello Rebecca,

Can you please specify the IE version where you're seeing the issue ? 
Also, can you please clear your cookies and try again?

Best regards,
Samuel Jesus
Rank: #112
Just found out the person was using IE 8.  We are still working on upgrading it.
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we are integrating a 3rdparty tool which uses jQuery by itself.
This works fine (although annoying we have 2 jQuery libraries running)

However, when we use the same with SilkUI, the script ToggleScript.js throws an exception:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'BindAfterAjaxRequest' of null  - ToggleScript.js:33

The Panel Widget if placed inside a Table Widget loses some formatting (placeholder paddings, …)
Rank: #2535
Well, in that case you will probably find more similar problems but we cannot support those scripts.

Anyway, you have a solution that is try to isolate the jquery code you need and use only that code. Can you do that?

Rank: #112
Rename placeholder on Panel to be "Content" instead of "PanelContent" ... if you are switching to like a "SectionExpandable" widget instead, the placeholder name is just "Content" and then you have to rearrange the UI after switching it.  Its less work to have it the same name.  Also check other components so you always have "Content" if it is applicable.
I have a client that wants the transition to be quicker for the SectionExpandable. Since it is done with javascript i cant overwrite it easily. Is it possible to have an option to set the transition speed or do this with CSS so we can overwrite it ?
Rank: #2535
Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the input, we will take that in consideration in future releases. In fact we are studying new ways to animate the components.

Also, instead of override, copy the pattern to you and then make your changes there. We strongly advise not to override the SilkUI Patterns directly.

Best regards,
Pedro Oliveira
Any news about a new build of SilkUI Framework?
The last big bug fix version was launched 2 and a half months ago...
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Section Expandable isn't working.  On intial screen load with "Expanded=True" it shows like 

After screen resize only, the content shows back up:

The IconBadge widget when the value was zero it became hidden.
With SilkUI 1.2.0 it shows the zero value:

There's nothing in v1.2.0 change log about this behaviour change.