Offline installation of Development Environment possible?


I am trying to install on older version of the DevelopmentEnvironment ( to a pc that does not have an internet connection. It seems like before anything happens the installer tries to download something.
Is there any way to install the Developement Environment offline or to get the Servcie Studio and Integration Studio for version separately?

Sorry, but I am not aware of a way to do this.  I am not an Outsystems employee, so I may be inaccurate in saying this, but my perception is that the target audience for Outsystems is cloud customers looking for an online-connected cloud or hybrid cloud solution.

If your business is ultimately open for a solution that requires an internet connection, then hopefully you can try using a personal environment in the cloud.  

If your business needs an offline intranet solution, and this is a very specific need and not a want, and you have developers available then I would personally recommend that you evaluate a web development solution using Django for complex projects or Node.js for projects requiring speed optimization.  They can have dependent libraries easily downloaded and copied to an offline machine over a flash drive or equivalent.  Be sure to research their pros and cons, though.
Thanks for your response, Joshua.

We are running Outsystems behind our firewall right now.
And the older versions of the Servcie Center and Integration Studio that came with two separate installers were a breeze to install. The only isue seems to be that the newer DevelopmentEnvironment downloads some files.
If the ServceStudio and the IntegrationStudio would be available in seperate installation files, it might solve my problem.
Firewalls are some of the most misunderstood components in an IT architecture.  Thinking "outside the box" here:  Are you sure that you are unable to change the firewall configuration to allow downloads of the needed Outsystems components?  I would bet that you should be able to.

Also, why version 8 and not version 9?
Hi Daniela,

Regarding Platform 8, the latest release is
You can download Development Environment (Service Studio + Integration Studio) from these links: Dev and Dev
If you really want them in separate files you have to go back to Service Studio or Integration Studio

Regarding Offline installation, you can't do it, because the platform will be looking to validate your license in OutSystems servers through internet connection. You can install on premises but you need to validate your license by having a connection available.
Thanks for your repsonse, Tiago.

The Platform and the licensing isn't my problem.

I need the servcie studio version in a separate installation file. But I guess that is not available.

The DevelopmentEnvironment is trying to donwload something when I try to install it and that fails. Nothing else.

Take care,
Hi Daniela,

Installer writes logs in the C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Installer\ folder.
Can you check the logs to see what it tries to download?

That version requires VS 2008 Redistributables and .Net Framework 3.5.1.
But from what I can see there is no automatic download in the installer for any of them.

What error do you get?

João Rosado
Thanks João!!!

I checked the installation log and actually the Integration Studio and the Service Studio were installed.
I guess the browser starts up to point to some online documentation or something but that happens after the installation. I didn't get any separate message saying that the installation was successful so I thought the error message I got about not being able to load a page was in relation to the installation process...

Thanks again!


It does open the browser, directing you to and presents a successful instalation feedback message. :) you missed just that

Ah, ok. No wonder I was waiting for some confirmation. :-)