Area Chart colors

I am using Service Studio on server version  Area chart colors are not matching the colors in the data points but pie chart colors are:

As you can see, "Positive Interactions" being red instead of green in the area chart is going to be confusing to an end user.  Is this a bug or are area charts supposed to use a different configuration?

I would think this is a bug, but it might well be a feature :). A workaround is just setting the colours yourself.
If it's a feature, it's a poor feature indeed.  :(
I was hoping that setting the color on the data point would, er, set the color.  What is the workaround?  A ChartFormat (or AdvancedChartFormat) or will I be forced to do some JSON?
Unfortunately I'm not sure. The colour on the datapoint is only visible if the datapoint itself is, and does not affect the colour of the area (or line).