RichWidgets_InpuCalendar doesnt pop up in Google Chrome

RichWidgets_InpuCalendar doesnt pop up in Google Chrome


Does anyone know how to enable this widget to work in google chrome?
Thanks in advance.

Check the Task Detail Web Screen - I have tried opening in both Chrome and IE, and only pops up in IE for me. I am still new to development, so quite likely the issue is on my side :)

That is a bit strange indeed.
Can you share a simple oml, so I can try to reproduce it.

Hi Kim,

Are you, by any chance, using a touch screen?
Hi Tiago - my laptop is a Lenovo Yoga and does have touch screen capability - yes.
I haven't tried it myself, but this might really be an issue on OutSystems platform.

There is another user having the same problem, and there has been similar issues in the past with Chrome on touch screens. Take a look into this thread:

Someone from OutSystems should test what is being reported here.
Or, even better, you should just e-mail to, as that's what they're there for :). Seriously, this is the community forum, and although I'm really greatful sometimes OutSystems engineers take part in the discussion, actual bugs should be reported via the support desk.

You are correct. I won't argue with that. Let me also suggest another way: in Service Studio go to Help|Submit Feedback... This won't open a support case, so might be the best option when doing something in your personal environment.