Hello, I am trying to create combo chart, but I have some questions. I am attaching oml with my example. 
First of all data is not desplaying correctly. I have three DataSeries: 'Target', 'Potential' and 'Accepted Ordered'.
In chart 'Target' displaying where should be 'Accepted Ordered' and 'Accepted Ordered' displaying where should be 'Target'. What I am doing incorrect?
Hi Audrius,

There's a few things to remark. First, in the SQL1 query, you have a GROUP BY on Label and DataseriesName, but since these are all unique, it doesn't make much sense. Also, you are SUMming Tooltip, but Tooltip is a Text attribute, not a number, so there's needless conversions going on that could harm performance if you have a larger data set (and they are equal to Value anyway).

That said, the reason that '2014-12' is not in the right place seems a platform bug; it seems the platform wants the datapoint of each series consecutivly, or it starts doing fishy things. So changing your sort order to [DataSeriesName], [Label]

Then there's the issue about the incorrect display of some of the series. This is caused by incorrect use of the AdvancedFormat_Init. What you have specified indicates that the first series is to be called "Target", and it should be a spline, instead of what you want, the Target series to be a spline. What you should use instead is the "DataSeriesFormat" parameter of the AdvancedFormat_Init action, specifying the series name and JSON for that series.

I've attached an eSpace that shows the changes.
Thank you for explanation it works now.