Best way to report issues?

Hi everyone,

I have had this doubt before... What is the best way to report issues? It is not clear to me.

We have to consider different situations. There's the case where some users are really just starting (with outsystems or in their company) or whatever and they don't really have access or feel confortable (company policy?) contacting support ( - I mean: this support channel is for enterprise customers and therefore support cases need to be associated with a end-customer and infrastructure.
There should be an alternative way to submit/report issues. I have found some issues when "playing" with new releases on my personal environment - releases that I not yet use on my professional projects. To where should these situations be addressed?

In Service Studio we have 3 options:
  • Ask the Community... (sends us to these forums)
  • Ask OutSystems... (sends us to: , which seems reasonable, but has a form with inputs like Company, Industry, Job Role, ... what's the need for that information?)
  • Submit Feedback... (opens up a window and attachs a Report to the feedback and doesn't open a support case)
As you can see, emailing is not directly available from Service Studio.

depends on the situation.

bugs/quirks -> submit feedback & optional ask on forums for similar issues/workarounds
functional questions -> forums


My 2 cents:
  • Regardless of what other options you do, always Submit Feedback as well.
  • If the Submit Feedback window appears (or compilation fails and the Submit Feedback button appears) always submit it.

Also don't be afraid of including the Screenshots and OML file. All is handled confidentialy.

Seriously, It is really important for us to be able to replicate the issues and to raise their priority.

I can remember some problems that were for months in the pile without us being able to replicate and then with a single submit feedback that included the OML and Screenshot it took ~5 minutes to replicate and fix.

The "Ask OutSystems" should not be used for issues.

For Personal Edition the normal channel is the Forum.
For Enterprise Customers the support channels are via the Support Portal and the email.

Im both cases the Forum is the best for taking care of doubts and functional questions that do not fit in an actual "Support" Issue. And none of them replace the Submit Feedback! :)

João Rosado

Thank you both.
So, I'll always go with the Submit Feedback (attach OML and screenshot) - which will put it on a fast lane to OutSystems R&D :) - then I either submit to support (portal or email) or/and ask around here, depending on the issue.

João, I've seen you countless times in the forums requesting the submit feedback. Considering the vast majority of us are developers, we should understand. ;)