Suspended environment but with no Wake Up button

Suspended environment but with no Wake Up button

Hi, when I go to seems to be fine but when I create an application Service Studion can't connect to the environment and gives a error saying that the environment is suspended. Yes I received an email today and when I tried to access it via browser to wake it up there wasn't any button available, just a create an application button.

Thanks in advance for you help.

Hi Ricardo,

First, you should ask questions about the personal environment in the proper forum. Secondly, I have experienced this myself: there seems to be a lag between the e-mail and disabling, and the availability of the wake-up button. I'd advise you to try it again tomorrow, and if that fails, e-mail
I had this problem recently and I don't know if this is your situation but here was my issue and solution.  For different clients I have different personal edition environments.  When I access Outsystems sites like this forum, I use my normal 'curtraddatz' account.  However, if you have another environment, such as 'curtenv2' that is asleep, you will never see the wake up button until you logout and then login using the identity that matches that environment.  Once I did this the button appears and you can wake up the second environment.

Hope that helps,