[Silk UI Web] error on phone

[Silk UI Web] error on phone

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Published on 4 Oct by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 4 Oct by OutSystems R&D
We had an existing application using london theme.  We went in and changed everything over to Liverpool.  Now whenever we try to load the app on a phone (iphone) the iphone screen is a white screen with the "There was an error processing your request.  Please try again later..." message and within service center we get the error "[OUTSYSTEMS].DBO.[OSUSR_HL1_DEVICETYPE] with key 0 was not found".  Any ideas on fixing this?
Hello Jason,

It looks like there is a NullIdentifier being used, probably in a GetDevice action, could you share the eSpace so we can take a look at the problem?

Thank you

How would I share the application?  Also just an FYI if I go to studio and type getdevice in the search bar and then choose to search within my application - it crashes studio.
Hello Jason,

Sorry for the late answer.
The issue with the search bar , please submit feedback on the error message, and you may contact the OutSystems Support.

Regarding the first part of your issue, you can actually attach a file here on the forums, but before we do that, cna you share with us the error log that you'r getting? 
For that, go to your ServiceCenter, Monitoring, and then Errors.

Samuel Jesus