Details on Deploying OutSystems .Net/SQLServer app on other hosting

Details on Deploying OutSystems .Net/SQLServer app on other hosting

Hello OS team,

I am considering on refering OS Enterprise subscription on my company. The problem is, I can't find information on how to deploy (or download/etc.) OS apps on other hosting or on premise servers.
I am completely new on how OS does things, so forgive me if this is a very basic question.
Also I'm on a tight schedule, if this has already been asked, I'm really sorry.

Basically, these are the information that I need:
  1. Can I deploy OS apps on other hosting? (I'm currently trying the personal environment with OS platform 9 i think, and noticed that it automatically deploys on my account environment w/0 the option of downloading it)
  2. Can I deploy OS apps on on-premise server hosts? In cases my clients would want to have their own servers.
  3. How much would the licensing cost and what are it's details (is it full featured, is it unlimited dev, is it unlimited users, etc.)
  4. The reason also that I want on-premise server is for offline development.
Thank you and I will appreciate it if you can answer everything, and I really hope you do because I am really considering this service (No. 1 rank in my list of RAD tools).
Hi John,

The Personal environment is available only in the OutSystems Platform As a Service (PaaS). The PaaS makes it really simple to explore OutSystems technology without worrying about infrastructure, installation, etc.. but you probably experienced that already! :-)
With an Enterprise subscription, you can run OutSystems on-premises or on another hosting service, just like hundreds of other OutSystems customers do.
You need to get in touch with our sales team to understand the pricing details for your specific needs.

If you want to learn more details about our On-premises deployment requirements, or about the services offered in our PaaS, check:

Best regards,


Hello Joao,

Yes I agree, Personal Environment is awesome!
Thanks for the response, now I can be confident on refering this product to our company :)