Checkbox Margin-Left


I am using a simple checkbox within a container. When i try to set the Margin-Left to '4 col' the ui responds correctly but the TrueChange window shows me an error:
'Invalid Property Value 'Margin Left' must be set in px, pt, or %.'
But when i select a value from the dropdownlist '3 col' is allowed.

Can you please help me with this simple problem


Hi Jorg,

If I'm not mistaken, those 0 to 3 cols option comes from the css styles, there is no option above 3 cols. You must tweak your css or maybe set the container to 4 cols and check-box Margin Left to 110% - not sure if these are the correct dimensions for what you want...
Hi Jorg van Riet,

Which dropdownlist is allowing to set '3 col'?

Is it "Checkbox's" dropdownlist or "container's" drop down list?

Currently, you can set your checkbox margin in terms of px,pt or %. To set it in terms of '3 col' you will have to set your theme's 'Use Grid' property to true.