how to "integrate" to another system showing data in a web browser

   I need to consult the progress of legal proceedings and I would like to automate it. Someone know how can I perform the procedure below using OutSystems ? Of course I will be using all data from system´s tables.
The procedure is:
- open web browser, supply the url and wait until load all
- supply the process number, for example, 1004324152014, press tab and supply the number 0361 and
- click on "pesquisar" (search) button and show the result

Thanks all
You can use the OutSystems Platform built-in REST capabilities to POST to that form.

While not the ideal data to process, it's possible to use REST to POST to forms. After that you can parse the response for the information that you need (this'll probably be the hardest part).

Perhaps you can ask the providers of the service if they have a proper REST (JSON / XML) API to fetch that particular data?
The procedure I shown before really works.  The judicial service here in Brazil is relatively new on IT. For while they don´t provide XML/JSON services. So, I intend to automate the typing until arrive some good new service from them. 

Thanks for your feedback Ricardo.