Nothing happens when I press the downloader.
Hi Jessica,

Can you give us a bit more information:
   - What button / link are you using.

   - What component you are having issues downloading (the above screenshot is for Development Environment)
   - What browser / operating system are you using?

João Rosado
Hi João I am having a similar problem.

I download the Environment in Chrome then when it is done it opens Internet explorer to say the download
was successful and says it wil momentarily open the environment. This never happens and when I click on create application in Chrome it wants to download the environment again :(.

The button for create application is also missing in IE

any help will be greatly appreciated 


Hi Dawie,

We'll try to troubleshoot the issue you are having.
In the meantime you can
1 - go to Start Menu>OutSystems>ServiceStudio 9
2 - connect to your environment
3 - go to Help menu> Build an app in 5 mins.

Tiago Simões
HI Tiago

The problem was that I was zoomed in while in explorer, this hides the button for some reason.
Zooming out I saw the button and could click it and open the IDE.

It still didnt work in chrome though.