a few total newb questions, sorry

I have searched the support and cannot find these answers. I am sure it is the simplest thing in history, but cannot work it out.

How do i make my fields that are a precentage, display as such? they are coming up as decimals. the field type is text. 

How do i change which field is the one you choose in a table/list to link to the detail page?

Can you have inline editing on a table?


If you want to display a value as a percentage within an expression you can use the FormatPercent built-in action.
Regarding changing wich field links to the detail page you simply create a link in the field you want pointing out to the detail page and pass the necessary parameters.
You have a widget for editing multiple records in a table it is the EditableTable widget.

I feel that you are just starting with OutSystems Platform. I great place for you to learn the ropes and progress in your autonomy is to follow our free online training.