Dev environment on Mac

There seems to be a beta web version. how do I access it as I dont have windows env to download and install the exe
Hi Willem,

I am confused. A beta web version for what? A Mac Dev environment? Why would you need a windows env for that...

You can go with virtualization in your Mac. Follow the steps described on this thread:

In case you have a high dpi screen you might also find this useful: 
Hi. Thanks for your reply.

On the screen for setting up the env and going through the 5 min tutuorial this is the information received. There is no information on the beta web version for MAC other than "you can either use the beta web version" or use Windows. I am now installing a VM to run Windows.
Ok. I see what you mean now.

For now you really have to go with virtualization. But you could download from that download button, right? Or was there any error? Even if you can't install it...
Hi Willem,

Indeed we have a beta web version that in reality it's a remote desktop to a windows machine, and that is used solely for evaluation. The window you've shown should have shown you a second button for it, and we fixed a problem yesterday that prevented it to show on certain browsers. Some browser extensions might also prevent it from showing.

Can you try again using chrome or safari on the mac and let us know if you are still facing the problem?

Tiago Simões

Thanks Tiago

I was on Firefox before and tried it on Safari. This is what I found.
Thanks Willem,

I'll get in touch with you to investigate this further.

Tiago Simões

Hi Tiago for me it's the same (I use Mac too) on Firefox,
but on Chrome 
I cannot to connect to the limited web beta.

You can see error in screenshot. ( Safari show a similar error) 
Many Thanks
Hi Simonetta,

This weekend we're having some maintenance tasks on our internal servers. It should not have impact on most of our public facing systems, but it looks like this specific service was also affected. On monday it should be back up, and we'll investigate this further to assure it won't happen again. 

Tiago Simões 
Tiago, many thanks for your reply.

Hi Tiago

Are there maintenance issues affecting the personal environments logins? I am not able to login since Friday and have asked for support. I have sent a video and the crash error. When trying to login it is connecting to the cloud, and then crashes the Outsystems programme.
Hi Willem,

The maintenance shouldn't have any effect on the Personals, and anyway was confined to the weekend.

I've seen that crash occuring in Service Studio when Service Studio is not able to connect to the server.
It may be because of connection issues, or simply wrong username or password.
Are you able to access and login directly in Service Center?
Did you change your OutSystems Community password, recently?

If this is the problem you are experiencing, to solve it, you should cancel the auto connect operation when Service Studio starts.
Then select "Connect To Environment" and validate (or re-write) all the connection data, and try to connect.

Hi João

Thanks for the reply, Filipe sorted me out. It seems my Studio 9 froze up last week, which I had to force quit. On force quit it lost the credentials stored. I have now been able to login again and access my envirnment to continue.

Thanks for the assistance.