Aggregate conditional filter


We have a rather simple aggregate in the preparation of a screen.
(this is automaticaly created by intelliwarp)
(3 tables, 1 innerjoin and a left join)

this also means we have a couple of "likes" in the filter.

However when we first publish the espace and access the screen a couple of things happen.
The CPU is burning up to 90-95% and basically everything is going down the drain.
We don't actually get a timeout, evrything is just slow as a snail that crawl up rainy hill.

So, my questions are:

- Can we set that filter condional, only to be executed when a condition is met?
- what happened to the checkbox, if a parameter is search-parameter?
- how can we prevent this "accidental" bug?

Answering your questions:

1) don't think so
2) Since aggregates don't have explicit input parameters, that feature disappeared
3) before answering this we need to really understand what is happening.

What CPU is burning up to 95% ? Aggregates are queries and queries are executed in the database server. Is the database server's CPU burning up to 95% ?

If so, have you checked with a DBA why the query is so CPU-intensive?
well, that is the thing.
It's the platform server and not the databaseserver.

I would like to investigate it some more, but that will annoy my other developers a little bit too much :)

Hi Joost,

Check this thread on how to do the equivalent of search parameters with aggregates:

If the filter is in the format:   (variable = true) or (other conditions)
Then the "variable = true" part is evaluated outside the query and only adds the rest of the condition if necessary.

João Rosado