[Line and Pie Graphs enhancements] Line Chart

[Line and Pie Graphs enhancements] Line Chart

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Published on 2013-12-02 by Filipe Jacinto
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Published on 2013-12-02 by Filipe Jacinto
Hi... i'm using the web block of line chart in my application,
However, when exporting to pdf more than half of my graph is cutted...
Check the image of the graph of the pdf... Everything works well, but i can't understand why is cutted...
I'm a bit lost...

Best Regards 
Hi Andrew!

I dont use the highcharts api for quite a while and I dont have the webblock in front of me right now but i remember having the same problem when my chart had the animations feature on.
If you turn it off it should be ok.
if you use the same page for displaying and pdf extraction you can just add an input parameter to the webpage called "ExtractingPDF" or something like that and set is to true when you call the pdf extraction.

Filipe Jacinto
Hi Filipe!

When you say to disable the animations you refer to the chart format? 
ChartFormat_Init(ShowDataPointValues:DataPointsAreMarkedInGraph = 2,UseAnimation:IsConvertingToPDF = True)
asasI set in the web block the useanimation to false?
Also I'm exporting the pdf to another page, with the input parameters of the screen, lass passes right, but only the graphic cuts in half, lines are black but with the dots of the label color.