Server troubles

Hi All,

I am trying to move a module from one server to another. 
When I run the module on the first server, I recieve no problems, but when I try to run the application on the other server I am getting sql errors. 

Any thoughts?
Hi Evan,

It seems you have differences in databases, right?
The errors you refer come from advanced queries? Please specify what errors you get.
Hey, Kindly check the versions, it happened with me while changing my website server. 
Hi All,

I solved the problem for now. I was not allowed to compare boolean variables directly to the value TRUE.
Instead I had to set a variable to true and compare the attribute to that variable. The specific error was:

Invalid column name TRUE

It recognized that TRUE was a boolean variable and that the attribute was a boolean, but for some reason it would not let me compare them directly. My guess was that servers had different rules about syntax.