page index of List_Navigation

page index of List_Navigation


how can i get the page idex which is currently clicked.

Please reply i am stuck with very big issue due to unable to find out the current page index
Hi Dattatray,

Can you elaborate on what are you trying to achieve? You  are refering to the action where you go to next page of a table, but you want to use it elsewhere?
i am refering to action where i go to next page
I wants to load my records according to the page index because i can not load all the records in single instance it is calling active directory its taking too much time. So i want want page index on which i have clicked currently from List_Navigation.
is their any way to get that current page index?

Hi Tiago,

You getting me what i am trying to achieve.
i want that page index on the same action which i am calling on that page click.
Do you have a OnNotify Action on your RichWidgets/List_Navigation to Refresh your Table?

It should look like this:

  Please find the attached screen shot if you get something please suggest.
If i am navigating in sequence then it works fine for me but i am jumping ramdomly then ist not.
I will get that current index and calculate the start index (Pageindex*20-1) then it will works fine for me.
well, you need to calculate the page yourself probably.

you have List_Navigation_GetStartIndex(PageTable.Id, True) to get the index (aks first item in the page), you have the linecount, aka how many items on the page.
then a simple division, then you have the pagenr?

i want a page index on which i have clicked currently.
i am taking the 20 records per page.
Hi DattaTray,

I've just seen your image and I see that it's not related with navigating your Table on the WebScreen.
You are doing a ForEach on that list and you want the page index for that...
For someone to help you out, you must at least explain what you want...

Your image is this:

In that case, you probably want to put in that For Each, for Start Index:
List_Navigation_GetStartIndex(UserRecordTable.Id, True)