Clickable and Click Destination Attributes in Scatter Graphs

Clickable and Click Destination Attributes in Scatter Graphs


I already used the attributes Clickable and Click Destination of the Charts to improve a point navegation drilldown of distinct graphs. Now I'm using the Scatter Graph of André Vieira More Charts Component. However, this graph does not present such attributes. How can I do to have the same resource of the Charts graphs in Scatter Graph?

Perhaps you can PM André to direct him to this post? He's usually around here.
Hi Kilian,

Thanks by your interest. I solved the problem, using the line chart of the native Charts (where appears the onclick attribute) and putting the JSON script of the Scatter graph in Advanced Format. I saw in the Andre Vieira More Charts graph that the Scatter Graph is in reality a native line chart with a JSON command the transform line in scatter.

Thank you,

Hi Roberto,

Great you were able to solve it. It's indeed true that JSON determines the type of chart, and you can convert any type of chart into another chart while messing with the advanced format.