Issue in opening a module

Issue in opening a module

I am working on OutSystems Development Environment
Multiple developers are working on the same module.
The issue is when I am trying to publish my work, it is asking me if I want to Merge and Publish My work with other’s changes.
If click Merge and publish, it kicks me out saying

The More information is,

System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no matching element
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.Framework.ProgressDialog.RunWorkerThread(PresenterContext presenterContext, Action optionalPreOperationThatCanBeSafelyAborted, Action`1 operation, Action customPreOperationAborter)
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.WPFViewImplementationProvider.<>c__DisplayClass4b.<DoVerySlowOperation>b__49()
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.WPFViewImplementationProvider.DoSlowOperation[ReturnType](IAggregatorView aggregatorView, Func`1 operation)
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.WPFViewImplementationProvider.<>c__DisplayClass4b.<DoVerySlowOperation>b__48()
   at ServiceStudio.WPFExtensions.WpfExtensions.ExecuteInUIThread[ReturnType](Application app, Func`1 action)
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.WPFViewImplementationProvider.ExecuteInUIThread[ReturnType](Func`1 action)
   at ServiceStudio.ViewImplementation.WPFViewImplementationProvider.DoVerySlowOperation(IAggregatorView aggregatorView, String title, Action`1 optionalPreOperationThatCanBeSafelyAborted, Action`1 operation, Action customPreOperationAborter)
   at ServiceStudio.Presenter.RuntimeImplementation.#jq13.#pao()
   at ServiceStudio.Presenter.AggregatorPresenter.DisableCommandProcessingIn(Action action)
   at ServiceStudio.Presenter.RuntimeImplementation.DoVerySlowOperation(IAggregatorPresenter aggregator, String title, Action`1 optionalPreOperationThatCanBeSafelyAborted, Action`1 operation, Action customPreOperationAborter)
   at ServiceStudio.Presenter.AggregatorPresenter.#hok.#wNn()

Tried reinstalling the development Environment. Tried logging in using the other users credentials. Nothing seems to be working.I can open the other modules still.
Not sure what the issue is, Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

Any reason why you are still using that version? It's really very old.
I checked your submit feeback and had no problems opening it in a recent version. I recommend you to upgrade to the latest one and try again.

Edit: oh just noticed you said it only occurred in merge, and that I can't test.
Anyway I can see a issue with the same error stack as solved. So my recommendation stands.

João Rosado
Thanks Joao but how is that I am able to open other modules.

That there's a bug in some place, doesn't mean it's everywhere :). Some bugs are triggered by very special circumstances, and don't appear in general (well, I'd say most bugs, as the common ones don't tend to slip past QA).