What are the requirements when a environment goes to sleep?


I am wondering what causes the personal environment to go into "hibernation"

Is it lack of activity (no visits)?
Is it lack of development (no publishing)?
Is it the wrath of the Outsystems Hammer?

I'll go for the last option. :D

Actually, it seems to be both activity and development. In the FAQs they have:
- What does “as long as you continue using it” mean?
It means that while you are developing your apps, or they show consistent usage by end users, we will keep your personal environment up and running
Well, my enviroment was set to sleep while i went for a coffee break.
I think they have their own internal timer as to when an environment goes to sleep.
Correction, just found out that database usage associated with my environment had stretched to its limits, that's why my environment was set to sleep. @J. You can add that to your list.