How to use a record in an aggregate

How to use a record in an aggregate

Hi guys,

A very very newbie question about v9:

I want to create a function that receives a "complex" record (composed by two different entities). Inside this function, I want to query by id those two records. Though, I'm not able to create a local attribute to pass the id parameter. Local variables, inside aggregate, are empty.

I watched the tutorials but no luck! :)
Can you share your oml, or at least the function in a different oml?

It should be working like clockwork, so either something obvious is missing or some mysterious bug :)

Check the action "CREATEUPDATE_User"...I can't use the "User" input parameter inside the aggregate "GetUserById"

I see what you want to achieve now.
Very interesting why it isn't showing up.
This is a bug imho, because I tested it with 1 entity in a record and it works fine.
You should report this to Outsystems.

In the meanwhile, well, work with the workaround you already done and/or seperate it in 2 inputparameters.

good luck!