[AdvancedAmazonS3] No response from SaveFile or FetchFileURL

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Published on 2018-10-09 by Hanno
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Published on 2018-10-09 by Hanno
I am able to upload using the SaveFile action, and view it in my bucket via the S3 management console.
However I receive no response from amazon from any of the actions built into this plugin.

SaveFile > Response > ResponseCode returns blank, just like every other field in the response.

I noticed that the plugin is about 2 years old now, has S3 changed so much that the API this was built for is no longer supported?

I have attached a sample e-space that i am using.
To get it working for your testing you will need to:
  1. Open the espace to: Screen Flows > S3Picture > S3Picture(webblock) > SaveImage(action)
  2. Change "Assign AmazonToken" assign fields.
  3. Change "CreateS3File Record" field Bucket & Subfolder.
  4. Publish.

At this point you should be able to open the e-space, and upload an image, which would then be displayed on the main e-space page. (If it were working properly.)

Could someone take a look the epsace for me, specifically in the area of S3Picture(Webblock) > SaveImage(action) > SaveFile?

Please let me know if it's just me, or if this plugin no longer works.

Braxton Bragg
I started looking more into the newest Amazon API and the AdvancedAmazonS3 plugin....

It looks like the plugin uses a very old version of the API and unfortunately it's not even remotely similar enough for me to just drop the new references into the .NET source without breaking a lot of the code...

I attempted to rig it, but I don't know enough about .NET or the Amazon API to fix the error on line 24.

AmazonS3 client = AWSClientFactory.CreateAmazonS3Client(sstoken.ssSTAmazonToken.ssAccessKey, sstoken.ssSTAmazonToken.ssSecretKey);

Is there an update on this? Can't seem to retrieve the file url for the file uploaded. Is there a sample OML where we can be guided?

Thank you.

Is this still a viable extension to write and read files to/from S3? If so, is there any documentation as to how to it works and which parameters do what? I am new to Outsystems, try to see if this platform works for me and writing and reading to S3 is crucial for me. Writing extensions myself is beyond my skill level.