Searching methods / functions in service center

Searching methods / functions in service center

hi guys,

i want to search one method/function in 100's of espace, in search box only allows espace, ws, extensions, and solutions, but for me i need to quickly finding some function or methods inside espaces, ofcourse open one by one i can find it but i need to know some easy to search.

if anyone already have experiance about this issue? 

give me some suggestion and help.

thanks in advance
Hi Balu,

You mean eSpaces on different applications, right? The best I can think of is really just search by application (ctrl+f).
hi tiago,
my problem is not searching espace in application, searching functions in espaces,
for example:
application 1
-> test_1(espace)

application 2
--->call_loginuser(function) need to find
like 50application in my company and 100s of espaces.

now i need to find some specific function from those globally, like i need to find call_loginuser(function), how can i find directly from service center home page / service studio homepage(lists all avaliable application place).

Not possible,

however you could check the references-tab of an espace/xif.

that will give you at least a list of espaces that references something of that espace

Hi Balu,
You don't mean find its' usages? Where those functions are being used?

If it's a pure search of a text string in all of the environments' applications, then I don't know how... and probably there isn't a way to do that.