[Offline Apps] how to make filters in REST

[Offline Apps] how to make filters in REST

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Published on 2015-11-19 by OutSystems Labs
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Published on 2015-11-19 by OutSystems Labs
Hi guys,
I have a screen with an evaluation list. From that screen I need to go to another one with an evaluation list of certain evaluation. How will I be able to make a filter of that second list by evaluation, since I’m working offline? Until now the only way that I found was with JavaScript, after making a “
$(document).on("finishedRender", initFilter);” I run a query in JavaScript, to do so I have to save in REST all the registries, which causes the application to run very slow…
Hello Vitor.

If I understood you correctly, you have a screen that lists evaluations and you want to filter those by type, is that correct?

In that first screen, do you have all the evaluations already loaded locally? If so, why not to use the same screen to perform the filter? Could that be a solution?

Because on the second screen the records will be others, but filtered by the id evaluations...
Well... if you need to show other records, you'll need to fetch them from the database... It's hard to help with no context of the business case...

If your users have access to the network every day but need to go on field for a few hours, you can take some assumptions and decisions, but if they're out for a full month, maybe you need a different approach.

Again, if it's just filtering the data that you already have client side, just apply the filter, don't navigate away from the screen...