Import External Entities - Different DBs

Import External Entities - Different DBs


Hi all,

I need to import 2 external entities that will be consumed by an espace (Platform 9.0).
These entities are beeing synched from an external Database with the outsystems database (SQL Server), so they exist inside the outsystems database. So I simply imported them in Integration Studio.

Problem: In our Production environment, the main catalog is split from the apps catalog, and these 2 entities are inside the apps catalog. So, the extension works in DEV but not in PRD. I decided to create in Service Center, a Database Connection to use with that extension, thus overcoming that problem. when the extension is created and the entities imported, they have the physical name of the database like this:


So, cross environments, it forces the database to have the same guessed it, it doesn't.
How can I use this same extension, cross environments?
I've attached the extension.



Apparently I found the solution. All I had to do was delete the database name that Integration Studio put there.
So, here is the final extension, that works in all environments.