Publishing error "No provider registered for key

Publishing error "No provider registered for key

I've received this strange error when publishing from dev to tes via LifeTime. Here is part of log:

  Performing Impact Analysis of 'Development_to_Test'.
  Generating and compiling optimized ASP.NET C# code
  Preparing Publish of the extensions of 'Development_to_Test'.
  Updating the eSpaces Database of 'Development_to_Test'.
  Updating the metamodel database of ...
  Updating the metamodel database of 'WebService'.
Invalid compiler output.
No provider registered for key 9f44791a-e900-407d-a301-afefdd493291
  Associating eSpaces dependencies to 'Development_to_Test'.

It's the first time publish, I have 9 applications and something about 30 eSpaces. All of them were published fine except the one (top level) failing with this error.
Needless to say that I have refreshed and republished everything on dev and there was no problem.

Then I have tried to publish this eSpace via servicecenter, then via solution with "publish with full compilations" checked - all the time the same error.

Can anybody advise what can this mean?
Do you have any idea what that key might refer to?
Tiago, no idea. Where should I look for this value?
Hi Igor,

That means that you used a feature that was not available in your Platform Server version (and that version of the platform still didn't have a pretty message like it has now).

That key is for the Expose REST API feature, so your server needs to be at least 9.0.1.x

Since that is happening between staggings It means that your Development is in an higher version that your Test environment, you should upgrade it in order to use the new features there as well.

João Rosado