How to create a template in outsystems.
consider a button if i click that button it should generate me a template with available information.
How can i do that.Please convey me if anyone has implemented.

Here are the details:

I just tried this and it doesn't seem to work. Here's what I did :
1) Create new app
2) Add an espace to it with London theme - named it "Template_AppDev"
3) Added what I wanted to it
4) Changed its icon
5) Gave it a description

When I create a new app, this espace does not come up as a choice. What did I do wrong?
Hi Gerry,

Both your Service Studio and your Platform Server need to be at least in version 9.0.1. The icon and the description need to be on the eSpace, not on the application.

Can it be due to any of the above?

Tiago Simões

Yup, still on 9.0.0...