MeetOut (5th of September) - OutSystems Technology User Group (OTUG)

MeetOut (5th of September) - OutSystems Technology User Group (OTUG)

Hi everyone,
It is a fact: we are going to have a MeetOut!

There is now an OutSystems Technology User Group (OTUG) created to gather all developers that love their work, want to learn more and share their experiences and knowledge on the OutSystems platform. Oh... and also to meet cool and smart people in tech :)

What is a MeetOut? You got it. It's a meeting between OutSystems Developers. You can learn more and join the group on both of these social networks:
There has been some networking going on and I'm proud to say that we are already more than 150 members!

To join and confirm your presence in MeetOut #1, scheduled for the 5th of September in Lisbon, visit our Google+ Event page:

You have to navigate to that page and confirm your presence in case you want to follow the event live on Google Hangouts.
At this point, if you want to help, the best you can do is to spread the word and volunteer yourself to make a presentation. That's right! Want to show off that great app on your personal environment? Those tips and tricks you use? A success story of a project?
Whatever the topic, feel free to let us know, by either posting here or reaching out on Google+ or Linkedin. You can also send me a pm or contact directly to
Tiago Neves
PS: For a bit of perspective, you can take a look into this thread - Community Meeting Anyone?
When this discussion started I knew it would be in Lisbon and assumed that there would be some streaming of the event, via Skype or some other mechanism.   Any plans for that?  If so, the 9 am Lisbon start time will kill any participation from the US.  Just thought I'd mention that.

Hi Curt,

For a first meeting, Lisbon is a natural decision, but we will use Google Hangout on Air for live streaming which will allow also participation (you can pose questions for instance) from around the world. Time will not satisfy everyone unfortunatelly, but we have to give priority to local time so we can get a good audience in the room for this first meeting. By the way, in case you can't see it live, the recording will become immediately available on youtube channel as we click stop streaming. (Note to self - todo: youtube channel! :))

I really do hope we can get to countless MeetOuts. Some of them might just be online, why not? Just arrange a time and gather some developers to discuss some specific topic. MeetOuts can take many forms!

When we get rolling, with the group created and ways of communicating between us all, it can happen.

Please, feel free to share any thoughts.

Tiago Neves

I appreciate all the time and effort you've put into this and I know it has to work for the Lisbon people first.  I certainly hope it's the beginning of many meetouts.  Unfortunately, I will be sound asleep.  Do post the YouTube info as I will watch the recording when I can.

Where will this be held?

I see in the MeetOut page that the location is yet to be disclosed and depending on the number of expected attendees, but I feel like we're getting pretty close to still not know where to head to in a couple of days :)

Tiago, can you please update us on where the MeetOut will be held?
Hi Ricardo,

I kept things open as much as I could while trying to get developers to participate. Unfortunately, outside of OutSystems there was not much enthusiasm from developers... The MeetOut has to be canceled. I hope this can take place one day, but circumstances will have to be different. I am writing a post specific to this right now.
(Edited: here is the link to that post:

For everyone else, please refer to it.