System Data clean up

Hi guys,

I already tried to clean up the database following the tips on this page:

Only after clean up evertyhing my database is still verry full:

Any tips?
Helloo, can somebody help me with the cleanup of the System data?
You probably have too many applications (modules/extensions) and/or resources on them (images or other files).
Hi Tiago,

It's getting worse!
I already deleted all the extentions and espaces (even there where not so manny)
I run the dbcleander but there are no special things in there to see just some kb's.
Also deleted all the old espaces older then 7 days.

This is the status on this moment:

I have the same problem...

I deleted all the eSpaces that i installed during a test... But the amount used isn't lowered.. Even after all the dbcleaner actions (eSpaces, there is only one version in the Personal Environment.

I can only see that errorlog_7 is very full, but I can't find a function to clear the log tables.
Same here, how can i clean up the logs table?
Hello All,

Sorry for the late reply to your questions.

We've been analyzing the database storage usage by the Personal environments, and we're finding several patterns that can cause the System usage to grow significantly, and causing the behaviors you're experiencing.

Many times, there isn't a self-service operation that can control the database usage, other then the ones already refered in the topic HowTo: Database Usage Control in Personal Environments.

On your situations (which are actually very similar), I've found 2 patterns that can cause high system database usage as described:

1) Existence of solution versions in Service Center, prevent the deletion of old espace versions referenced by those solution versions. So if you don't need to keep the solution versions, you can delete the solution versions from Service Center. Then, use the Delete Old eSpace versions from the Service Center, as described in the formentioned article.

2) We had several events in our infrastructure that cause a serious of errors during the upgrades on several Personal Environments. This events can contribute to database usage to grow, due to the activity and error logs. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to cleanup or reduce those logs, but we're working on a strategy to tackle this problem, and allowing the database usage to be controlled with minimal effort.

Please check your personal environments database usage, and apply the recommended solution for pattern 1) if possible to reduce even further your database system usage.

Hope this information is helpful.


Hi All, all this information is very useful however...
I have removed/deleted most apps from my environment, and have deleted all the Solutions too. This has allowed me to delete old eSpace verions through ServiceCenter.
I have also used the DBCleaner app to tidy up Entities and eSpaces which looks to have been fairly successful (there are a few eSpace versions which will not delete though).
Having done all this am still showing with 73% System Data usage and I'm not sure what else I can do.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello Neil,

I've analyzed the system database usage in your personal and it's related to old espace versions. However, there seems to be a problem with the way Service Center identifies these versions, and it doesn't release the space occupied by them.

I'll followup with R&D to improve the Service Center operation for deleting old espace versions. For now, just keep monitoring the usage, and assume that you can't reduce beyond the existing values. I don't think this will impact your personal environment availability, but if it does please let me now.