Entities created in one eSpace are again being created from different eSpace


I have a situation where I created a bunch of entities in one eSpace. But I want the same set of entities  to be created in another eSpace.So I deleted them from the first eSpace and created again in another eSpace.
What will happen to those entities and there associted data.Is this the right way of doing.

Any suggestion.

You won't loose the data you have in the deleted entities because OutSystems Platform does not erase it from the database. This allows for you to roolback to a previous version where the entity still exists in that module and recover your application to that state. But you won't be able to access that data within an OutSystems application you would have to go directly to the database and move that data to the new entities. Another option for you to consider is to revert to the version where you still have the entities make them public and on the module you want the entities to be reference these public entities and create some import logic to transfer the data between the entities.

Hope this helps.