Library App soon on the Forge :)

Library App soon on the Forge :)

Hello everyone,

After consuming all the tutorials available and doing a more detailed look on the online manuals, i've decided to create an Library Management App for the comunity.

It's basically something i know very well because it's one of the softwares that i've implemented in Angola on this past 4 years.
The most popular open source project is
It's very complete but it's not very user friendly!

Cataloging a book using the universal standards (UNIMARC, etc) it's quite a hard thing to do and you must know very well how to fill in the fields. There is so many standards for abreviations you should use on eache field, and you should use them if you want to have a proper organized library catalog.

My idea for the App and it's separate modules is to keep it simple!! and provide the best user experience to diferentiate from the other existing projects.
It will have full funcionality to catalog using the standards on the backoffice, but the modules used for Circulation, Search and Orders i will try to make it diferent of what i already seen on similar applications.

Attached is a sneek peek from the Circulation Module Dashboard...

I Love the SilkUI Framework, congrats to the team behind it! 

Just one more screen from the checkout Workflow