Quick way to find all cross-module usage of entity actions or specific attributes?

Quick way to find all cross-module usage of entity actions or specific attributes?

Is there a quick way to find...
  1. All usages (in all eSpaces) of the built-in actions (Create, CreateOrUpdate, etc) of a specific entity
  2. All usages (in all eSpaces) of a specific attribute of a specific entity
There isn't an option to do Find Usages (in all eSpaces) of things at this low level - I have to first find all eSpaces that use the entity in general, then go through each eSpace individually where I can then do a Find Usages on specific entity actions / attributes. But with 30 eSpaces to go through, this takes time!

Does anyone know of a quicker way? Anything in the Forge that might help, that I don't know about? Anyone think there is a way to automate the work being done manually above?

Thank you!
Hi Andrew.

To find the usages of an attribute, it's really easy, but you might consider this a hack.

1. Find all usages in all eSpaces of your entity. This will download all consumers.
2. Remove the attribute in question from the producer.
3. If the producer itself was using the attribute, you will have true change errors in it. Before you proceed, you will have to fix all errors - hopefully this will be as simple as deleting a few elements.
4. On the eSpace menu, select to refresh all open consumers.
5. Check all the consumers that are open. Those that have a true change error were using the attribute.

For the entity actions, I suppose that you can do a similar procedure, but exposing the entity as read only. When the entity is exposed as read only, the entity actions are not consumed. So if any consumer was using an entity action, it will error.