[CKEditor] Uploading Images

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Published on 26 May (7 days ago) by Prasad Rao
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Published on 26 May (7 days ago) by Prasad Rao
I am currently using this on my personal cloud (https://cheesecake.outsystemscloud.com).

The problem is that when you try to insert and upload image, the URL becomes truncated:

It seems though that it uploaded the image successfully, but you need to update the correct URL to be able to show the image on your page.
Check GetServerURL action on CKEditor. it is checking for "https://" to replace. but you have https.
GetServerURL action.
Hi, guys, How are you ?

Tekla, couldn´t find any  GetServerUrl action in ckeditor espace.

I have the same problem. Anyone can help?

Thank You !
You can see it in the Actions.

Hello guys,

I have the same problem and I can´t upload an image in to the server to show on my page.

Can you help me please.

Hello again,

It seems I solve the problem.

To upload the image in to the server you need to change the code on the assign value in the 'GetServerURL' to:

Substr(GetBookmarkableURL(), 0,



        Index(GetBookmarkableURL(), "://") + 3)


And it seems that´s is working fine with an image.

Best Regards,

Helder Pinto.