Silkui balloon and tooltip disapear at mouse out

Hi There,

Working on OS 9 using the SilkUi framework, verry coold and nice.
Only the RitchWigets has a balloono widget when you mouse over a object it will be visible.
You also have the possibly to move the mouse over the content in the ballon to click on a link etc.
Now SilkUi is also providing a balloon and tooltip that are visible when mouse over the link object.
Only you cant hover the balloon because you mouseout on the action object.

See image, cant click on the email because tooltip disapears:

You can use the Popup_InfoBallon from Richwidgets, or you can costumize a tooltip for that porpose like this.
Hi Nuno,

I understand that I can use the infoballoon from RichWidgets but should this not also be possible in the SilkUi balloon?
Hello freek,

Sorry for the really late reply, but your post evaded our radar. For future posts, please use the Silk UI forums.

Yes, with Silk UI , if you are using the tooltip pattern with hover, you will not be able to click inside the tooltip. In order to click inside it, you need to have the tooltip with Click instead of Hover.

However, if you really want to have the Hover behaviour, you can use a Balloon, and that will work perfectly.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Samuel Jesus

Hi Samuel,

I have ann Odd issue happening with tooltip functionallity.

My tooltip should appear when hovering over an image. This odd behavior is happening :

The first time the page loads, when i hover, nothing happens. Whenever i click somewhere on the page (doesn't matter where) and then hover, it works.

It seems like the hover function only works when an other action happened on the page. (even when clicking on a blank space anywhere on the page)

Is this a bug? Because my tooltip isn't anything special. It's only a simple hover.