Login combo box - IPAD issue

Login combo box - IPAD issue

Hi All,

I currently have an issue with the combo box that lists all the users on the login screen. The problem is users on the ipad can't type partial or all of the name and have to scroll down masses of usernames (especially for those users with names beginning Z. How can i solve this?

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Hi Mos,

You can optimize a bit by forcing the user to enter at least 3 letters before you populate the combo with results.
This way the results will surelly be fewer.

Hope that helps.
how can I do this?

It seems to work fine on a desktop computer but not on an IPAD

Your combo has an action that queries Users right?
In that action and before the query, you make a trim to the text and test the length of that text and if minor than 3 the action ends else you go to the query.
So the combo box is on the login page (part of the common forms) and i've dragged the autocomplete widget next to the combo box and have followed the following instructions:

But it's still not working.

Before the GetUsers query insert an if widget testing the lentgh of the variable used in the input.